Several Reasi villages without electricity, roads amid fresh snowfall

There was moderate snowfall in the upper parts of the district yesterday due to which power has been cut off in dozens of villages of sub-division Dharmari and Mahore and several roads have also been closed due to which people have been stranded in their homes.

The road from Mahore to Gool has been blocked due to snowfall at Daggan top and the road from Angralla to Gulabgarh, Dharmari to Budhan,Dharmari to Chilladh  also have been blocked.

Dozens of remote villages including Budhan, Malla, Ganjoli, Jamaslan, Tukson, Shadol, Lar, Khor, Baransal, Gulabgarh, Kaidora, Dewal, Nihoch, Shabras etc. have been without power for two days. People said that the electricity bills of december have reached their homes but they were not given full electricity facility in the month of December.  There is a severe shortage of water also due to snowfall.

Locals have demanded the administration to restore electricity and roads immediately.

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