Soaring fuel price | Auto drivers, political activists hold protest

Auto-rickshaw drivers, joined by the political activists, Thursday staged a protest demonstration in Rajouri against soaring fuel prices. They demanded price roll-back without any delay.

Protest demonstration was staged at the main bus stand Rajouri. The protesters, including auto-rickshaw drivers, were led by a political activist Yogesh Sharma. Raising slogans against the union government, the protesters said that fuel prices were directly related to inflation and life of a common man.

“19 percent hike in passenger-fare has been ordered and now even a poor man is not able to board a bus or mini-bus as fares are sky-rocketing,” said Sharma.

He further said that even the drivers and owners of both passenger and goods carrier vehicles were under severe burden due to soaring fuel prices.

“The day is not far off, when everyone in the country will be standing against the government over this fuel price row. Therefore, the government should itself reduce the prices without giving any second thought.” he said.