Vice Chancellor DSEU delivers online lecture at BGSBU

‘A leader offers hope, sees new possibilities’
Vice Chancellor DSEU delivers online lecture at BGSBU
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The School of Management Studies, Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Friday organized a webinar on "Leading Vs Managing."

Prof Neharika Vohra, the Vice Chancellor Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) delivered the lecture on the topic.

Prof Akbar Masood, the Vice Chancellor, BGSBU in his message, said that the leadership was the creation of positive change for the empowerment of people. He said, "The leadership helps us navigate crises and rebuild communities in moments of crisis." He also applauded the organizing team for hosting the webinar.

In her address, Prof. Neharika Vohra said, "The leadership challenges are complex and there is no one right answer. The leader does not impose a solution; the final solution emerges from the dialogue of all the parties."

"All the parties learn from one another and learn more about the situation in the process and everyone must adapt one's perspective in order, for a solution to emerge," she added.

Prof Vohra said, "A leader is one who articulates the problem and make others to realize that together they can make the change happening.  A leader is one who can offer hope, build community and see new possibilities. Leading is all about exercising leadership for the right problem at the right time."

"A leader needs to have the capacity to hold the pressure and come up with the solution. Leading is actually about sensing the emotions of the group around you. The quality of a leader is to hear what has been unheard and represents them on the table," she added.

Faculty members, research scholars and students from BGSBU and other institutions of the country attended the webinar.

Dr Danish Iqbal Raina, Assistant Professor, delivered the welcome address and conducted the proceedings of the webinar whereas Dr Parvaiz Abdullah, Assistant Professor, proposed the vote of thanks.

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