Years on, several roads in Mahore remain incomplete

Several roads in Mahore sub-division continue to be under-construction since years together, making the local populace suffer.

As per reports, the 17-kilomtere road from Angralla to Gulabgarh, construction on which was started in 2001, still lies incomplete. There are two bridges sanctioned on the road, which too have not been completed yet.

Similarly, the Dhamni-Dewal road has been under-construction since the past 20 years. At present, the construction lies suspended.

The road from Bhal to Shabrass continues to be under-construction since 2006. Every year, the concerned department completes 1-2 kilometres of the stretch, but then the work is suspended, locals alleged.

The work on Nihoch to Shabrass and Nihoch to Dewal roads has also been lying suspended since several years, they said,

Meanwhile, the 5-kilometre road from Lar to Khor has been under construction since 2014.

The locals accused the government of showcasing callous approach. “This is official apathy at its best. We continue to live without proper roads in the twenty first century. We still have to walk several kilometers to get ration and other essentials.”

“On one hand the government talks about digital India, but on the other, we are forced to lift our sick on charpoys to the nearest road. Several times our patients, especially pregnant women, have died on the way,” they maintained.

Lashing out at local politicians, the residents accused them of only visiting them during elections. “Once the elections are over, they (politicians) never bother to redress our issues.”

On being contacted, Executive Engineer, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY), Roshan Din Choudhary, said, “The construction work on Shadole bridge will start within a few days, while the first stage of Angrall to Gulabgarh road stands complete and work on the second stage will be strated very soon.”

He added, “For the road from Bal to Shabrass, a bridge needs to be constructed. We have already started the construction on the bridge and it will be completed by November. Also, the roads from Nihoch to Shabrass and Dhamini to Badder road will be completed within a month or two.”