UJC chief aghast over Gaza carnage

Greater Kashmir

Islamabad, July 23: Denouncing Israel’s aggression against people of Palestine, chairman of UJC Syed Salahudin on Wednesday urged the Muslim world to shun its quiescence and play their much needed role to stop the blood bath of innocents in Gaza.
 “It is high time that the Muslim countries must arise out of deep slumber and lift-up their voices together to mitigate the sufferings of their fellow brethren being killed in Palestine, Kashmir and other parts of the Muslim world”, UJC chief said.
Castigating rulers of Muslim countries for maintaining criminal silence he said, “The inept and coward leadership imposed on the Ummah had unfortunately led to the killings of Muslims around the world “.
“There are 56 Muslim countries but unfortunately none of them took a stand on the issue”, he said adding that the international community’s dichotomy was also highly condemnable.
He said that it was high time that the world community particularly the United Nations and the OIC should come forward and discharge their legal and moral responsibility to put an immediate end to atrocities being inflicted upon the innocent Palestinian people in Gaza.
Salahudin also decried the Egyptian president General Sisi for not allowing the hapless refugees of Gaza to enter into Egyptian territory. “Even the closing down of its borders for the Palestinian people by authoritarian regime of Egypt was more shocking”, he said.
UJC chief appreciated the people of Kashmir for expressing complete solidarity with hapless people of Palestine and raising their voice against Israeli aggression.
Referring to the prevailing political and human rights situation in Kashmir Salahudin said, “Since Narendra Modi assumed the office the human rights violations in Kashmir have increased manifold”. 
Citing the incident of killing of a youth in South Kashmir and arresting of youth, he said that an atmosphere of violence and lawlessness was deliberately being created in Kashmir.
He said that the GOI was hell bent upon dividing Kashmir on communal bases thereby settling Kashmiri pundits in safe zones. “Settlement of Kashmiri Pandits in separate zones will seriously dent the centuries’ old communal harmony of Kashmir”, he said adding that since 1947 there have been 37500 incidents of communal violence in India, whereas Kashmir was a symbol of communal harmony.
Regarding the settlement of refugees, he said that it was one of the Modi government’s agenda to change the demographic character of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which he said was unacceptable to Kashmiri people.
He said that separatist leadership will have to launch and state wide campaign to foil this conspiracy.
Salahudin also castigated the state authorities for impounding the property of Hizb deputy chief Ghulam Muhammad Khan alias Saifullah Khalid and termed the action as unjustified and unwarranted.
He said since 1971 the property has been in possession of Fatima Bannu the wife of Ghulam Nabi Khan saying that the Hizb deputy chief has nothing to do with the property which is now owned by his wife. Terming confiscation of property as against the law of the land the UJC chairman said that “National Conference was dancing to the tune of New Delhi.”
He urged Bar Association to plead the case of helpless family in the courts.
Responding to a query with regard to Journalist Dr. Vaidik’s comments on Kashmir he said, “I pay great tribute to Mr. Vaidik for raising the voice of his conscience like Arundhati Roy and many others”