Annual Football Championship | JKSPDC XI win 1st quarter final

In the ongoing annual football championship, the match between Downtown Heroes FC and Lonestar KFC, which was abandoned on March 27 due to poor visibility, resumed on Monday. The match ended with a 1:1 draw and was decided by tiebreaker in which Lonestar KFC defeated Downtown Heroes FC by 6:5.

In Monday’s scheduled first match, Real Kashmir FC defeated AG’s XI by a margin of 4 goals to 1. AG’s XI tried hard to increase the margin to equalise but failed.

The second match, which was the first quarter final of the tournament, was played between JKSPDC XI and Hyderya Sports. It was in the 10th minute of the first half that Yasir of JKSPDC XI scored a goal. Hyderya FC players immediately put a lot of pressure on opponents and Noman made no mistake in equalising the score in the 15th minute of the 1st half.

The half time score was 1:1. In the second half of the match, both sides tried to find an opening but could not break the ice. The spectators enjoyed every moment of the game and appreciated the skill of both teams. In the 75th minute of the match, Yasir of JKSPDC XI converted a goal after a brilliant move made by their players and took one goal lead. JKSPDC XI consolidated their lead and defeated Hyderya Sports FC by 2:1.