BCCI calls Kohli's dropped catch 'brilliant fielding effort'

India captain Virat Kohli had dropped his England counterpart Eoin Morgan in the 17th over of the first ODI but the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) website has described the incident as a brilliant fielding effort.

The BCCI put up a clip from the live broadcast of the incident with the title: “Virat Kohli’s brilliant fielding effort in the slips”. The description of the video read: “Caught it but the ball trickled out of his hands upon the elbow’s impact with the ground. Great effort and full marks on the sportsman spirit from Virat Kohli.” Kohli fell to his left while taking the catch in slips and seemed to have pouched the ball but it fell out of his hands. Morgan was standing in the middle of the pitch, seemingly thinking that Kohli had taken the catch and then hurried back to the crease when the latter threw the ball at the stumps. The England captain was well out of his ground when the ball passed the stumps.