Boxer Amir Khan wants to see India and Pakistan MMA bout

Boxer Amir Khan wants to see India and Pakistan MMA bout

British boxer of Pakistan origin Amir Khan wants to take the legendary India-Pakistan rivalry inside a boxing ring through Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

"I am waiting for the day two nations, India and Pakistan compete in a cage. That will be a fair fight which people wants to see and it will entertain them," said Khan through a video conference at an event to promote MMA.

 Khan, who became youngest British world champion at the age of 22, is chairman of the Super Fight League (SFL), a league which promotes MMA in India.

Khan made headlines last month when he expressed wish to represent Pakistan, where he has his roots, in the Rio Olympics. He though stated later that he would not betray his British upbringing.

Following the lines of many professional boxers who turned to MMA, Khan also expressed his desire to compete in MMA within a year or so.

Khan who will be coming to India for Vijender Singh’s Pro bout, to be held at the Thyagaraj Stadium here on July 16, expressed his support for the Indian Olympic medalist.

"My support is always there for Vijender and I will be always there for him. Vijender has made a name for him and I want to bring MMA to India to create more fighters like Vijender," said Amir through a video conference in an event here.