College student from Srinagar undertakes solo trek to Mt Mahadev

A trekker from Srinagar has trekked solo to summit Mount Mahadev, the highest peak in Srinagar.

Mumin Wani, a student of Islamia College, achieved this feat on Sunday when he climbed the highest peak, which is 3966 metres above sea level, without any companion.

“I have been trekking a lot since past few years with my friends, collage groups and others, but this time, I wanted to try something new and more risky to prove to myself that nothing is impossible,” he said.

“I left home at around 10 am and then started my journey from Dhara at around 11 AM reaching Lidwas at 3:30 pm,” he said.

Mumin stayed at Lidwas for a night and began his journey to Mahadev the next morning,

“I decided to stay at Lidwas for the night. It was very difficult to spend the night alone as there was no sign of humans around.”

 “Next day at 8 am, I left for summit an then finally at 11 am, I reached Mahadev peak,” he said.