Harmukh Adventurers scale Sunset Peak

Team Harmukh Adventurers group has successfully scaled Sunset Peak in Pir Panjal range also Known as Romesh Thong with a peak elevation of 4,741 metres (15,548 ft).

According to a statement, the team of 12 members which was led by Danish Dhaar and Wajid Sami under the supervision of ace mountaineer Manzoor Mir, had left for this expedition on July 5. The other members included Abid kharadi, Rameez Dar, Muzaffar, Amir Lateef, Sajid Khan, Burhan Nazir, Ajaz Ahmad and Owais Dar and Rizza Alee the guy who attempted to summit Mount Everest this year

The statement issued by Harmukh Adventurers said, “this is the fourth documented successful expedition to this peak. The first summit to this peak was done by Dr Arthur Neve, Dr Ernest Neve (brothers) in 1901. The second expedition to this peak was led by Mohamad Ashraf around in 1970’s.  The third expedition to this peak was done by Alpine Adventurers lead by late Adil Shah in July 2017.”

The peak is scaled through Valley’s known tourist resort Yusmarg. Basecamp (C1) was set up at (Danizeb) 3590m and the Advance Base camp (C2) at (Kachgul) 3847m just below the Rumshi Glacier.

“On July 7 team left the Advance base camp at 03:00am and they traversed the snowfields of Rumshi Glacier before climbing upto the shoulder. Team also sighted a black bear at 4100m and a Markhor at 4400m. The final push to summit was done at 7 AM and team reached the summit at 08:00 AM,” statement said.

From the peak members were able to see four alpine lakes in the vicinity of this peak. They able to have panoramic view of the surrounding mountains of Pirpanjal range including Sheene Myean, Tattakoti. Members were also able to locate Nanga Parbat, Mont Nun, Mt Kun, Mt Kolahoi, Mt Haramukh, Bramha Sakli peaks.