Srinagar Weightlifting Championship held

The District Srinagar Weightlifting Championship organised by J&K Weightlifting Association was held at Gindun Sports Stadium Rajbagh here on Wednesday .

DawoodFarooq was awarded strong man title while highest weight was lifted by Mohammad Yaseen. UnzarBhat was awarded most improved weight lifter award.

Dawood, Yaseen and Unzar have been training under weightlifting coach Showkat and under overall supervision of MushtaqZargar at Gindun Stadium.

Syed Ahtisham emerged winner in 56  kilogram youth category while as JunaidSha won 56 kilogram junior category.

Azan Ahmed Ganei emerged winner in 62 kilogram category while as Dawood emerged winner in 69 kilogram senior category . In 69 junior category UnzarBhat emerged winner .

In 77 kilogram junior category ,Arif Khan emerged as winner while as in 77 kilogram senior category Inyatullah Khan emerged winner .

Mohammad Yaseen emerged winner in 85 kilogram senior category.