1,253 cases settled in e-lok adalat in Srinagar

District Legal Services Authority on Saturday held first e-lok adalat under the Chairmanship of Principal District & Sessions (PD&SJ) Judge Srinagar, Abdul Rashid Malik.

The PD&SJ inaugurated e-lok adalat at district & subordinate courts, Srinagar to amicably settle, with the consent of the parties the cases through virtual mode and video conferencing amid the COVID pandemic.

The DLSA constituted eight benches of judges at district & subordinate courts, Srinagar, to settle the cases and to take justice delivery to the doorsteps of litigants in view of the pandemic and ensure safety of judges, litigants and lawyers.

During the e-lok adalat cases pertaining to criminal compoundable offences, cases under section 138 of NI Act, Money Recovery cases, MACT cases, labour dispute cases, electricity and water bills cases (excluding non compoundable), family disputes, traffic challans, maintenance cases, other civil cases (rRent, easmentary rights, injunction suits, specific performance suits) and civil disputes between close relatives were taken up.

A total of 1,675 cases were taken up for their amicable settlement out of which 1,253 cases were settled.

Beside Rs 84.95 lakh was awarded as compensation by MACT Srinagar and more than Rs 4.21 lakh were collected as settlement amount by different courts. A fine of Rs 3.96 lakh has been collected.