14 flights with 1,678 passengers arrive at Srinagar airport

On day 71 of resumption of domestic operations in Jammu and Kashmir, 14 domestic flights with 1,678 passengers on board landed at Srinagar airport on Monday.

A statement said after arrival, all the passengers were tested for COVID19 and transported to their destinations amid strict observance of all necessary preventive protocols. The statement said the government has made elaborate arrangements for the arrival, screening, sampling and proper transportation of the passengers to the quarantine centers taking special care of guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) prescribed by the Union Ministries of Civil Aviation and Health and Family Welfare.

The statement said while Srinagar airport authorities have received 884 domestic flights with 1,11,979 passengers since May 25, Jammu airport authorities have received 553 domestic flights with 41,892 passengers.

The statement said Jammu and Kashmir government has brought back 3,676 passengers from various countries to the Union Territory through special evacuation flights in the wake of global pandemic.

Meanwhile, 728 passengers aboard 10 regular commercial flights arrived at Jammu airport today. “A total of 24 flights with 2,406 passengers on board arrived at Jammu and Srinagar airports,” said the statements.