2 senior professors allege manhandling by guards at SKIMS Bemina

Two senior professors of SKIMS Bemina have claimed that they were manhandled by security guards of the institute allegedly at the behest of the incharge principal of the medical college.

Two senior most professors of Orthopedics and Microbiology department SKIMS medical college said that they had called upon the Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, R Bharatnagar to deliberate on the “messy state of affairs” in the SKIMS medical college at Civil Secretariat.

“On our return from Secretariat on Tuesday at around 2 Pm, we were stopped at the gate by a group of private security guards who were acting on the instruction of the Principal. They ruthlessly thrashed us and manhandled two of the senior most professors of the institute who have been working since the inception of the medical college,” they said.

“We were saved by the resident doctors who saw security guards thrashing us. It was a humiliating experience,” said a senior professor who was allegedly roughed up by guards at the gate of the SKIMS medical college.

He said “we have formally lodged a complaint in the Parimpora Police station. Government should probe this incident as it has humiliated the whole faculty of SKIMS Bemina”

A statement from SKIMS faculty forum reads, “at the behest of the Principal, two senior professors of the Orthopedics and Microbiology department were harassed, pushed and caught by collar at the College gate, citing reasons that we have order from Principal not to allow anybody among senior doctors as they had gone to meet higher officers in the secretariat.”

“Faculty forum strongly condemns this action which is showing arrogant attitude of Principal and requests Government. to probe this issue so that these unpleasant issues do not happen in future,” it states.

SKIMS faculty forum is against the extension in retirement age of any faculty member including the Principal of the medical college. “We are against extension to anybody in the medical college as it creates stagnation of talent.”

Incharge Principal, SKIMS Medical College and Hospital, Dr Riyaz Untoo said, “security of the hospital is outsourced and is being managed by the private company.” “If there has been any incident of manhandling officials of the SKIMS should have lodged complaints with the administration, rather than going to the media.”

When asked that the two senior professors have alleged manhandling, he said “as security of the hospital is outsourced, the company sometimes changes its guards which may result that these guards might not have recognized them. But still they should have lodged a complaint with the administration.”

Dr Untoo further stated that SKIMS Bemina is a COVID designated hospital. “Staff is not allowed to move in and out during the scheduled time as per the COVID protocol.”

However a senior professor who was manhandled said ” only our vehicle was stopped, other vehicles were easily moving in and outside without any hindrance.”