'20 dogs sterilized per day to overcome canine menace'

'20 dogs sterilized per day to overcome canine menace'

Will set-up facility for 60 operations daily in city: Dr Nirmal Singh

Housing and Urban Development Minister Dr Nirmal Singh on Monday said that Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has been sterilizing 15-20 dogs daily at the Shuhama Veterinary College, Alesteng to overcome the stray dog menace in the summer capital.  

Even as Dr Nirmal Singh was replying to a query from Congress MLC Muhammad Muzaffar Parray in the Legislative Council, the latter supported by other legislators were not satisfied with the reply and wanted to defer the question. However, this was not allowed by the Chairman Haji Inayat Ali.     

Meanwhile, Dr Nirmal said SMC is in the process of developing a new facility for dog sterlizations at Tengpora. 

“Realizing the dire need to sterlize the stray dogs on fast track basis, SMC is in process of developing one more facility at Tengpora with a capacity of 60 surgeries per day which shall enhance the number of such surgeries to 80 per day,” Dr Nirmal said. 

Interestingly, the Housing Minister said a gradual decrease in stray dog population and dog bite cases has been witnessed due to the dog birth control and anti rabies programe of the government. 

Replying to a query on what efforts is government making to provide respite to dog bite victims, he said government health department is running anti-rabies clinics in hospitals where anti-rabies vaccine is being provided round the clock to cater to dog bite patients. 

“Vaccine and subsequent doses are also being provided free of cost to all the needy patients who attend anti-rabies clinics,” he added.