25 'severe' COVID19 patients admitted to SKIMS daily

File Pic/GK

In a worrying trend, around 25 “severe cases” of COVID19, in dire need of oxygen are being admitted daily to SKIMS here, for past 10 days, an official said.

“Severity has increased. More sick COVID19 patients with co-morbidities are coming for the past 10 days,” the official said, adding most of patients were in the age group of 50 to 75.

The official said at present there were 250 patients admitted at the hospital with most of them dependant on oxygen.

As per doctors, most of the COVID19 patients were being managed through high flow oxygen and NIV (Non Invasive Ventilation).

“There is no need of panic but we have to understand that there has been spike in cases during the past some days,” said a doctor.

The official said the hospital has finalised a policy to deal with COVID19 patients. “As per this policy, only referred patients are to be admitted at the tertiary care hospital. Patients who don’t need high flow oxygen can be managed at district hospitals also. So we are trying to make optimum utilisation of facilities,” said the official.

He said supply of oxygen was managed by the hospital through its two oxygen concentrators. “The rest is managed through 450 oxygen cylinders available at the hospital,” he said.