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3-year-old had gone out to get candies from a nearby shop in Haba Kadal but didn’t return home. Where’s he? Police says no one knows!

Srinagar, May16: Dark circled eyes of Dilruba Mir have dried up. Four days on, she has pinned her eyes on the door waiting for the homecoming of her only son, three-year-old Mehran Lateef Mir who went out to get candies Tuesday evening but didn’t return home.
 The city police is still clueless about the child’s whereabouts as it announced a reward of Rs 5000.
 Mehran, a student Canny Mission School at Court Road was last seen when he left his Haba Kadal home for the shop.
 “He had just arrived from school at 2:30 PM and insisted to go to uncle’s home but I didn’t let him. After feeding him lunch I gave him two rupees to get some candies from the shop outside,” says Dilruba, a cancer patient.
 But as Mehran didn’t return for some 15 minutes, the mother went looking for the child.
 “I kept looking for him but couldn’t get his clue from anywhere in the locality.”
 Mehran’s father adds: “Till midnight we searched every nook and corner of locality and the houses of all our relatives and neighbors but there was no clue.” 
 In the meantime, Mehran’s uncle had filed a missing report with Krakhud Police station the same evening.
 The family has left no stone unturned to find the child.
 “We got pamphlets published and distributed them all over, made announcements in every Masjid of Shere-e-Khas but there has been no response from anybody,” said the uncle.
 Mehran’s parents say they have no idea what could have happened to their son.
 “We have no foes that we would suspect abduction.”
 Senior Superintendent of Police Ahafadul Mujtaba says police has filed abduction case. However, he says there was no clue of abduction.
  “Mehrans’ mother told police on Wednesday that her son had been abducted so the police registered the case accordingly.”
 The city police chief said all the police stations have been informed about the incident and they were investigating the case.
 Getting back to the Mir’s Haba Kadal residence, it appears a place of concern. People keep coming to console Mehran’s mother but her eyes remain struck on the door hoping to see her son who had gone out to get candies but didn’t return home.