Amigo's restaurant gets 93.5 RED FM Ka Thappa

Amigo’s restaurant has bagged the 93.5 RED FM Ka Thappa by security 78.92 % votes.

“Second thappa was given to popular choice Best Restaurant in the Valley, to Amigo’s Restaurant, which won with 78.92% votes followed by Shamyana and then Lhasa. The next categories for thappa include Cafes, ice-cream joints, Barbeque joints and supermarkets,” spokesperson of93.5 RED FM said in a statement.

“In Kashmir, listeners have been asked to cast a vote to their favourite participant, this week for the restaurant category, to authenticate it with ‘Red FM ka Thappa’ in a true Bajaate Raho style. The campaign is running simultaneously across 33 cities,” it said. 

Commenting on the initiative, Red FM  Nisha Narayanan said RED FM recognizes the fact the people in the respective cities love what belongs to their city and is authentically local. “Through ‘RED FM Ka Thappa’ we give them a chance to show their love for their favorite food joint, establishment or service by voting for them and making them a winner.”

RJ Sameen said “we have been receiving an immense response for thappa. People want the local brands to be popular and get a good name.”

“People of Kashmir have showed us how much they love us. The warmth and acceptance we have received for Thappa is very overwhelming,” said RJ Rafiq

 RJ Rayees said “It feels good to give recognition to the local brands that tooon popular choice. This thappa is by Red FM for the people and of the people.”