'Attempts to weaken centrality of Jamia Masjid will never succeed'

The central mosque in Downtown Srinagar re-opened for prayers on Tuesday after over five months. The decision by Anjuman Auqaf Jama Masjid was taken while upholding the views of Shariah experts and following the guidelines issued by the medical bodies regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Mubashir Khan/GK

On the 31st anniversary of “Operation Jamia Masjid,” Anjuman Aufaq Jamia Masjid on Monday said the attempts to weaken the centrality of the religious places will never succeed.

In a statement, the Anjuman said the motive behind the operation which took place on 25 August 1989 was to weaken the centrality of the Masjid and hurt religious sentiments of people.

It is highly unfortunate that the successive governments have been trying to weaken the centrality of this spiritual and religious centre by time and again forcibly closing it for weeks and months together,” said the statement.

The Anjuman said despite challenges, the Mirwaizeen have been discharging their duties and raising voice for religious, social and political rights of people of Kashmir

“The pulpit of Jamia Masjid will always represent the sentiments and aspirations of the people,” the statement said.

The Anjuman reiterated its demand that its chief Mirwaiz Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq, who is under arbitrary house arrest, be released and allowed to resume his duties at Jamia Masjid as Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir.