Authorities fail to repair vital Lasjan-Rambagh road

Failure of authorities to repair vital Lasjan-Rambagh road is taking a heavy toll on the commuters.

Potholes dotting the road force vehicles to ply at a snail’s pace. The road connects scores of localities with city centre and tertiary care hospitals.

Manzoor Ahmad Magrey of Syed Abad Soiteng said the bad condition of road has become a nuisance.

“Due to potholes, accidents frequently occur on the road,” he said.

He added that recently a load carrier turned turtle after failing to detect the potholes under waterlogging at Syed Abad Soiteng.

Mohsin Ahmad of Lasjan said that the roads are badly damaged and turn into cesspool after rains.

Locals said that recently authorities have also diverted small motor vehicles from PathaChowk road to this road.

“Now, the traffic rush has increased on this route. There are often traffic jams due to dilapidated condition of the road,” said a group of locals at Padshahibagh.

Basharat Ahmad, a local of Padshahibagh said that in dry weather, extremely bad condition of road results in emanation of dust. “The dust enters into residential houses and also makes it difficult to breathe especially for those who are commuting on foot and riding two-wheelers,” he said.

They said commuters are having a tough time as authorities have failed to carry out necessary repairs of the roads.

“It seems authorities have forgotten this road and left the people to suffer,” they said.

“The bad condition of roads not only gives the commuters a tough time but it also consumes a lot of their time in reaching from one place to another. The passenger vehicles have suffered damages due to bad condition of the roads,” they said.

On Thursday, the road turned into cesspool and gave tough time to locals and commuters.

Locals said that with few drops of rains, water logging makes it literally unworkable for both, pedestrians and motorists.

“We have time and again taken up the matter with concerned authorities. However, our pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” they complained.

They appealed Lieutenant Governor ManojSinha to personally intervene and direct concerned officials to repair the road without any further delay.

A senior official of Roads and Buildings said that macadamization of road has been approved and will be undertaken shortly.