Bangalore group eyes "eco-friendly" rehabilitation

Bangalore group eyes ''eco-friendly'' rehabilitation

Srinagar, Oct 5: As devastative floods last month hit Srinagar, which bore the brunt of the catastrophe, for this Bangalore-based humanitarian group it was time to lend a helping hand not only in rescue and relief but with a futuristic vision to rehabilitate the victims in an ‘eco-friendly’ manner. While a thinktank comprising former IAS officials, architects, educationists and others started consultations  to send in aid, these elders wanted their children to learn provide succor whatever possible to the needy.

 The children of Naasih Montessori and Public School Bangalore were asked to collect donations for the flood-hit. The efforts of children worked. While the school children managed to pool around Rs 1.20 lakhs, one of them Sauda Taskeen alone collected around Rs 32,000 by approaching each and every person she knew particularly her relatives.

 “Children need to be taught humanity because they are the future,” said Syed Shabir Ahmed Hussaini Nadvi an educationist from Bangalore, who is also the Chairman of Nassih Educational Trust Bangalore.

 Nadvi who recently visited Kashmir to take stock of devastation said a group of like-minded people in Bangalore have joined hands to help out the flood hit.

 Some are pumping in money, some giving expertise while others including retired IAS officials  Muhammad Sona Ulah and Syed Zamir Pasha are equally assisting the group. A Karnataka MLC Naseer Ahmed, as per the group, has joined them with an assurance to give Rs 10 lakh for the flood hit. Noted politician CK Jaffer Sharief’s grandson CK Rehman Sharief has also joined the humanitarian efforts.

 Another Bangalorian Syed Muhammad Beariy of Beariy Real Estate is believed to be busy preparing design of eco-friendly houses. Beariy, a noted businessman, architect and social activist, and educationist Nadvi had initially started approaching the like-minded for help.

 As the growing group needed space for frequent meetings, the owner of Canopy Restaurant there hosted the meets and equally donated for the cause. Their colleague Sayeed Munawar of NGS Group of Institutions initially planned to construct 10 houses in Srinagar. “But now he plans to construct a colony,” said Nadvi.

 Some other groups like Ganson, Federation of Masajid and Madaris Bangalore East  and Feroz Estate have also joined hands. Nadvi, however, clarified that they don’t support any particular group, ideology or religion but that their efforts were for the humanity.

 The efforts seem to have worked. This group has managed a donation of over Rs 1.50 crores for the victims. “Apart from relief and Ambulance, this money will be utilized for rehabilitation,” said Nadvi adding first installment of  around Rs 30 lakhs has been handed over to Srinagar-based Kashmir Welfare Trust(KWT), which they will fund for humanitarian efforts.

 The Bangalore people are in constant touch with KWT head Manzoor Ahmed Wangnoo. “We had called Manzoor Bhai for a day here.  We have seen his humanitarian work in the past so it was not difficult to trust him,” they said.

 The KWT in collaboration with other humanitarian groups like Darul UIoom Bilaliya, Rabita –e-Madaris, Revival of Human Values and Alhe Sunnat Wa Jamaat has been on the forefront of rescue and relief work. In areas like Karan Nagar and Lal Chowk their relief volunteers gave preference to minority communities in this Muslim dominated region. The beneficiaries included stranded temple priests including those from other states.

 “Though we continue with relief, now our focus is rehabilitation, eco-friendly rehabilitation to be precise,” Wangnoo said.

 In the first phase the KWT has volunteered to rehabilitate, the flood-hit people of Chinar Bagh who had been living on a water channel banks near lake Dal in the City. The group recently approached the Divisional Commissioner and District Development Commissioner Farooq Ahmed Shah with a rehabilitation offer saying it was ready to construct around 100 concrete houses for the victim families provided government gives land.

 The group was flanked by educationist Nadvi while his counterpart in humanitarian work, Bairey is scheduled to visit Kashmir to finalize design of eco-friendly houses they aspire to build for revival of flood ravaged Kashmir!