Bukhari hits out at Omar Abdullah

File Photo of Altaf Bukhari

J&K Apni Party Founder and president, Muhammad Altaf Bukhari, today said “If any DDC candidate has change of heart, how can we stop him from joining our party.”

Reacting to a question on formation of united front by all Kashmir-based parties, Bukhari said, “when Lion comes, wolves gather together…Apni party is lion and other parties are wolves,” he said.

Regarding the allegations of former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, he said, “I have held Omar Abdullah in high esteem. He is my dear leader. I am surprised over him speaking lies. If anyone has started his political career in the lap of BJP, that is none other than Omar Abdullah. He was a union minister in their Government in 1998. BJP made Mehbooba Mufti Chief Minister of J&K only days after she bagged votes to keep them away,” Bukhari said according to local news agency KNS.

“Apni party has never joined hands with BJP. The day we will support them, we will declare it openly. We will never lie to people. Yes we will meet Prime Minister, Home Minister for concerns of people. History will never forget the role of Mehbooba in bringing BJP here. What lessons she will give to us,” he said.

“Politicians have been trading people here from last 72 years. I can never do that. I hold opinion and personality of them (DDC candidates) in high esteem. If anyone of them have change of heart and want to join Apni Party, why should we stop them.” “People have so much of love for the J&K Apni Party that we don’t need support of any other party.”