Bund turns pedestrians' nightmare due to movement of vehicles

Greater Kashmir

The famous Bund where erstwhile Maharaja Hari Singh had prohibited trespassing by cyclists or carrying of spade has now turned into pedestrians’ nightmare due to movement of vehicles on the macadamised road from GPO to Abiguzar area.

Not only do pedestrians feel the heat of fast moving cars and scooties or motorcycles but traders too are upset at its erosion from bar on movement of vehicles to present racing of motorcycles.

“There are different departments who are responsible for upkeep of the bund, but the officials there don’t bother and have allowed it to be turned into road,” said a businessman who owns shop on the Bund.

Similar views were expressed by other traders who are up in arms against the Irrigation and Flood Control Department for allowing the passage of vehicles.

“The Irrigation and Flood Control Department has allowed spade and scores of vehicles over the Bund right during decades of decay,” said delegation of traders on the spot.

They have urged Lt Governor to take cognizance of the damage done to the heritage Bund.