CCIK miffed at delay in macadamization of Transport Nagar at Parimpora

The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries- Kashmir (CCIK) has expressed resentment over delay in macadamisation of Transport Nagar at Parimpora.

“CCIK has been trying to hammer in the demand of the Transport Nagar (Parimpora) macdamization for a long time, but it seems that it is falling on deaf ears of the powers that be. This demand does not belong to today or the recent past, but it is as old as the inception of the facility (Transport Nagar),” secretary general CCIK said in a statement.

“Transport Nagar was opened with great fanfare as a game changer for the Kashmir economy. The members of the J&K Goods and Transport Association are being made to run from pillar to post without any success. The officials of the Roads and Buildings (R&B) department wash off their hands from the macdamization of Transport Nagar forwarding a reason that the Transport Nagar is the property of the Srinagar Development Authority, hence would be unable to do it,” it said.

It said the CCIK held a meeting with the then Divisional Commissioner, two years back, when it was assured by him that a project covering the up-gradation of the Transport Nagar has been finalized and work would be taken up in hand in no time. “But till date nothing has been done,” he said.

“It is also essential to add here that the Srinagar Development Authority turns its back on the helpless lot of the said Transport Association. We need not to mention here that the Transport Industry is the backbone of the Kashmir trade. Kashmir being a total consumer state, goods worth billions of Rupees are received in Transport Nagar daily which always remain at risk of damage because of lack of drainage and sewage facility at the said place. It is impossible for the traders to visit the facility because of these serious constraints,” he said.

“Also, the road, connecting Transport Nagar to Qamarwari Chowk and other important areas like SKIMS Hospital etc., is in a dilapidated condition and needs repair and widening to avoid the daily traffic jams. The under construction bridge for last 20 years, near Cement Bridge, is craving for attention of the Administration.  Be that as it may, the CCIK suggests Administrative Council must view it seriously and take up these issues on top priority and get the needful done before the onset of the winter,” it added.