Commercial activities won't be allowed in residential areas'

File Photo of Junaid Mattu

Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu today said no commercial activity will be allowed in residential areas.

“There are several residential areas where commercial activities have come up unauthorizedly. Sometimes people apply for residential structure permission and later start commercial activities in the constructed structure,” the Mayor said.

He added that there are residential areas where people complain of unauthorized commercial activities.

“What sometimes happens is that people construct or repair residential houses and then operate commercial establishments out of it. So, today’s decision will discourage this (trend) and people will apply for the building permissions accordingly,” he added.

He said “it is the historic step and it will maintain a sort of balance in the city that commercial activities don’t happen in residential areas.”

“Commercial establishments in #Srinagar operating in buildings/houses with residential use building permissions to be sealed and prosecuted under law.  Commercial activities permissible only in buildings with commercial use building permission.  Drive to commence immediately (sic),” the Mayor tweeted.