Committee constituted to examine working of Gazetteer Unit

General Administration Department (GAD) today constituted a seven member high level committee to examine the  working of gazetteers Unit, Srinagar.

This committee will be headed by Administrative Secretary, Skill Development as chairman.

They will undertake a comprehensive review of the working of the Gazetteers Unit, Srinagar, since its inception, and examine the relevance of Gazetteers unit vis-a-vis role played by other allied Departments in terms of collection of data for their respective organizations and the availability of vital data information through different means including internet etc.

“They will suggest measures/reforms required for revival of the Gazetteers unit or any other course of action as may be deemed appropriate,” read the GAD order.

The Committee shall be serviced by the Culture Department, and shall be free to co-opt any expert or officer in its deliberations and shall submit its report along with recommendations within one month.