COVID19 lockdown | Entrepreneurs shift to online mode to resume business ahead of Eid

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May young entrepreneurs of the summer capital Srinagar are using social media to resume their business online amid the COVID19 lockdown, ahead of Eid.

These entrepreneurs say that they are using social media to reach out to customers ahead of Eid while making sure to follow the COVID19 guidelines.

These entrepreneurs including home bakers, online clothing sellers and others say that ahead of Eid they were trying to improvise as much as they can to do some kind of business.

“Ensemble by Sana” is an online and offline clothing store run by Sana Sheikh, a young entrepreneur from her Rajbagh residence.

Sana said she has shut down her store and started taking orders online. “We usually used to have a huge Eid rush. This time the business is down but still we are trying to take some orders online in certain cases,” she said. “There are very less orders for Eid this time and some orders that we get are related to future marriage ceremonies.”

Sana has maintained a list of order and hopes to deliver the items to customers once the condition improves.

“I will have them delivered to my costumers. The payment mode is also online in order to make sure everything is done while keeping the safety in mind,” said Sana.

She said there were few orders for the Eid. “I have ensured to put up a list of precautionary steps on my social media accounts which every costumer has to follow in order to buy from my store. We used to run the store here and there was cash on deliver option but since the COVID outbreak we have stopped it,” she said.

According to Sana she has not been able to do even 15 percent of the business compared to activity ahead of Eid in the past.

“But it is better to do something than sitting idle,” she said.

The administration here recently allowed home delivery of bakery items in the run up to Eid.

Some young home bakers are finding ways to capitalize on the opportunity and provide service to the customers.

Sana Imitiyaz, a home baker from Bhagat Barzulla has braced up for the Eid bookings. She said she was mulling to cater to costumers in her vicinity and from non-red zone areas. In order to make the deliveries with minimum physical contact, she too has preferred online mode of business.

“I have started taking online orders. All the announcements related to pricings and product details are sent through my social media accounts so that everything will be done within guidelines. In order to make sure that every costumer is catered with utmost safety, I have asked for online payments. Once the orders will be ready ahead of Eid, I will be keeping a particular place and time for pick up of orders so that customers can come one by one while keeping social distancing. We are also keeping an eye on fresh guidelines in order to abide by them for everyone’s safety,” said Sana Imitiyaz.

The entrepreneurs said the COVID19 crisis has put them out of business and they were now looking for the opportunity to resume some business activities on Eid and the months to come.