Create mass awareness about rights, status of women in Islam: Mirwaiz to Ulema

Strongly advocating for providing space for women to pray in mosques, Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU) patron Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today said, “ the great religion of Islam emphasised participation of women  and their due share.”

“We need to understand and accord the rights guaranteed to women by Islam. Denying them their rights amounts to great injustice to them,” a spokesman of the MMU, in a statement today, quoted Mirwaiz as having said while addressing a gathering after laying the foundation stone of a Masjid at Hawal here.

Mirwaiz welcomed the interest shown by the youth towards Islam. “The solution to most problems faced by us is provided in the Quran and Sunnah provided we look for it.”

“While constructing mosques, it should be equally kept in mind that we have to provide separate spaces for women folk in every new Masjid to pray,” he said.

“Every day reports of domestic violence against women come to fore which is shameful. This reflects our attitude towards women as a society and our ignorance of their rights and dignity as emphasised by Islam.”

“It is the basic responsibility of Ulema and Islamic scholars to create mass awareness about the rights and status of women in Islam during their sermons , lectures and writings and also educate women about it. The respect they deserve in their homes and at their in-laws should also be stressed upon by Ulemas and scholars.”

“Providing spaces in masjids for women will help create a sense of equality for them , besides helping both men and women in getting educated about women’s rights and changing the attitude in society.” “Ulema should frequently raise issues of injustices towards women in society which includes domestic violence , demand for dowries  , harassment at in-laws homes , issuers related to women’s right to property and all such things that they are confronted with,” Mirwaiz said. He said, “Kashmiri society has to play a collective role in ensuring protection to women.”