CUK students protest against 'ill-timed' exam dates

Scores of law students from Central University of Kashmir (CUK) Monday held a protest here alleging authorities of playing with their future by issuing an ‘ill timed’ date-sheet for exams with back-to-back papers.

 The 8th semester BA LLB students of Law Department assembled at Press Enclave shouting slogans demanding that the date-sheet be revised so that their exams can be conducted smoothly.

“On 5th July the university issued date sheet in the evening, despite knowing that two days are not enough the university went on with the date sheet with a gap of two days. The irony is that first paper was scheduled on 8th July when the whole valley is shut, not even half of the class showed up for exams because most of the students live in other districts. As a mark of protest we did not sit in 8th July’s paper and we want date sheet to be revised,” said one of the protesting students.

“Apart from this, there are some back-to-back papers that need at least a couple of days to be revised are not given even a single day, this is sheer injustice.”

The aggrieved students say that this was the first that the date sheet was drawn in this manner for the 8thsemester.

“The university always gave 10 to 15 days before first paper with a proper gap between the papers. The issue is that three of our students have been selected in a moot court competition abroad that is scheduled later this month. To our understanding that is the reason we are being forced to sit in exams and finish it off quickly,” said another protesting student who declined to be named. 

“We told the authorities to conduct exam of selected students separately but they are making the whole batch to suffer.”

The protesting students maintained that they would not sit in the exams unless the date sheet is revised. 

 Gulafroz Jan, Coordinator Department of Law,Central University of Kashmir denied  allegations by students saying  that “they were given ample opportunity for preperations.”

“We issued date sheet on 2nd July giving students enough time. We were supposed to conduct exams earlier and date sheet was to be issued on 20 June, but for the convenience of students we postponed it and still students are making excuses,” she said. On complaints of back to back papers, she said “only one paper was back to back and that too an optional paper,”