Decontamination tunnels installed at city hospitals rendered defunct

Decontamination tunnels installed by Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) at various hospitals in the summer capital have been rendered dysfunctional.

The tunnels were installed to contain Corona spread last year soon after positive cases were reported in Srinagar.

One of the decontamination tunnels were installed and commissioned at SMHS Hospital here on 6 April 2020 outside Emergency Ward.

"It has been months now that it is not functional. I think it is high time to make it operational again as COVID19 cases are  surging," said one of the employees at SMHS hospital.

The installation of tunnels was claimed to be one of the great achievements by SMC. Even the officials had claimed, in reference to these tunnels, that it was equipped with modern technology, and chemicals recommended by World Health Organization.

These tunnels were made by SMC engineers and was termed as "innovative measures to contain virus" by its officials.

The medicos and para medical staff at various hospitals expressed concern over decontamination tunnels being dysfunctional.

"The installation of these tunnels was a welcome step. However, it is disappointing to see it dysfunctional at a time when it is  needed most," said a para-medical employee at CD Hospital here.

Another doctor said that people, hospital workers, patients and attendants, can get sanitized instantly while entering or leaving the hospital premises.

The concept of these tunnels was first adopted by countries in 2020 which have been battling the coronavirus.

Similarly, the decontamination tunnels installed at Lal Ded Hospital, SKIMS Soura and other places are currently dysfunctional.

The decontamination tunnel sprays chemical water to decontaminate every person who goes through it while making entry or exit from the hospital. SMC Commissioner said the decontamination tunnels will be made functional as and when required.

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