Defunct drainage system irks Bilal Colony inhabitants

Residents of Bilal Colony in Soura area on the city outskirts have accused the authorities of failing to repair defunct drainage system in the area for the last two years.

“The drainage system in our area is completely defunct. The drainage pipes are nearly three decades old and have never been maintained,” said Aijaz Ahmad, a local.

“Most of the times these pipes remain choked and when it rains the water enters our houses,” he said.

Mohammad Shafi, another local said that they have been taking up the matter with the concerned officials for the last two years ‘but to no avail.” “Last time when we met the authorities they said that the process of removing the blockade will cost them nearly Rs 57 lakh and there are not enough funds available with the department,” he said.

Ahmad said later they were told that ‘Box type Sewage’ would be constructed in the area. “But till date they haven’t started the process for it,” he said.

Executive Engineer City Roads Division (R&B) Srinagar Nissar Ahmad Pandit said there were some bottlenecks in excavating drains in the area. “Many residential houses have been constructed over some parts of the drain. It was a challenge for us to repair the drainage system without causing any damage to the houses,” he said.

Pandit said that they have come up with a solution and the process will start in 15 days. “The completion may take up to three months,” he said.