Divert global attention for Dal conservation : HC to govt

Divert global attention for Dal conservation : HC to govt

‘Respond to our suggestions in positive manner’

The Jammu and Kashmir has asked the government to respond in a “positive manner” to its suggestions on diverting global attention for preservation of Dal Lake.    

A division bench of Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar and Justice Ali Muhammad Magrey asked the government as well as the monitoring committee on Dal Lake to consider the suggestions so that global attention is diverted to the preservation of Dal lake.   The court made the suggestions while hearing a Public Interest Litigation seeking preservation of Dal lake.  

The court suggested that Indus Water Stewardship Network (IWSN) and Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) be consulted, if found relevant to the task taken up by the monitoring committee. 

IWSN that provides inputs for effective management of water and water bodies has been created by is group of private corporate with the guidance of the World Wildlife Fund for good water governance, sustainable water balance, Good water quality and healthy ecosystems and cultural sites. 

AWS another related organization is functioning globally as a partner with World Wildlife fund and global leaders to ensure sustainable water management so as to benefit the global environment. 

 “The World Wildlife Fund is also in conserving environment, nature and climate,” the court observed, asking the monitoring committee to consult it if found relevant to its task.  

The court also asked the Monitoring Committee to suggest and recommend to the Government as to whether a non-profit trust like "Dal Lake Fund’ can be formed that can be given the task of restoration of the Dal. “Fund for the said trust can be sourced from the central as well as the State Government from corporate who are willing to provide funds under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme”. 

The court suggested that school going children and students of various colleges can be asked to take part in community services programmes specifically focusing on a clean environment in and around the Dal Lake. This, the court said, will encourage good Samaritans to help save the Dal Lake.  

The court said the suggestions it made, may be considered in addition to the steps already taken by the government to restore the beauty of the Dal Lake and the beauty and heritage of Jammu and Kashmir state in view of the fact that it is one of the most favoured tourist destinations.  

“We call upon the monitoring committee and the state government to respond in a positive manner on these issues,” the court said, listing the case on April 17.  

After it initiated proceedings in 2002, the High Court has passed a number of orders in the Public Interest Litigation from time to time. Of late it has constituted  a monitoring committee to arrest the pollution and damage caused to the lake due to the discharge of waste elements. Besides, the Monitoring Committee, a Scientific Advisory Committee was constituted on November 28, 2016.  Senior Advocate and Amicus Curie Z A Shah pleaded before the court that “controlling and recycling of sewerage discharged from residential and commercial buildings is one of the serious issues that is causing damage to the Dal Lake”.