Drain overflows on Batapora road, locals suffer

For the past one month, a road in Hazratbal area here is inaccessible as authorities have failed to remove blockade from drain which is now overflowing on the road stretch.

Locals said they repeatedly took up the issue of the drain blockade in Batpora-Hazratbal area with the authorities concerned but to no avail.

“You can see the entire road stretch has turned into a cesspool. At any time the water from the drain is around ankle-high on the road. The drain water has now started to damage the boundary walls of the residential houses located on either side of the road. In several cases it is seeping inside many houses, posing serious threat to residents,” said a local.

Locals said traffic to some areas in Ganderbal, Shalimar, Tailbal and Burzaham passes through this road. “Since the road remains inundated, it often witnesses traffic jam,” said Mushtaq Ahmed, a local.

The locals appealed to the authorities to address the drainage blockade to end the water-logging problem.