'Drug abuse destroying younger generation'

Observing that drug peddlers bring destruction to society, a local court here Thursday rejected bail application of a man accused of drug peddling.

After hearing prosecution and defence counsel, the court of 4th Additional District and Sessions Judge Haq Nawaz Zargar, said that the acts done by the police officers at the time of search and investigation of the case cannot be doubted at this stage when the investigation is going on.

“It is only during the trial that it can be ascertained whether the option given under section 50   NDPS  and the statement of the accused recorded under section 67 NDPS is proper or not but not at this stage. So at this stage it is not proper to approach to proceed with doubt or disbelief to the acts of police when the investigation is going on and trial is yet to commence,” the court said.

“Drug abuse and its trafficking had created havoc in the society particularly damaging and destroying the young generation from whom lot of expectations of the not only from the parents but also from the general masses.

But for this drug abuse future of hundreds of young people have been dashed to ground and the peddlers are the instruments for bringing such destruction in the society which needs to be dealt with strong an iron hands at each level,” court said.

“Police, executive and judiciary and even the general public owe a duty towards the society to at least come forward and join hands to destroy the nexus and the people involved in such like nefarious activities destroying the future of the young generation for the petty gains should be taken to task,” it said.

As per prosecution, a huge quantity of contraband was recovered from the accused along with his accomplices when they were travelling in a vehicle on 13 August 2020.  However, defence counsel pleaded that accused was arrested from his home and taken to a police station.