Ex-VC Labour Board decries poor sanitation in Srinagar

Former Vice-Chairman Labour Welfare Board and renowned social activist Mudasir Amin Saturday expressed resentment over poor sanitation in the summer capital.

“Srinagar Municipal Corporation has failed to ensure sanitation in Srinagar city especially near masjids and shrines in holy month of Ramadhan. This causes immense inconvenience to people,” Amin said in a statement.

Amin urged concerned authorities to improve sanitation measures in summer capital ahead of Eid.

He appealed shopkeepers to announce discounts on clothes and eatables in view of Eid-ul-Fitr. “I also appeal authorities and trade bodies to check complaints of profiteering to ensure downtrodden are also able to purchase necessary products on reasonable rates” he said.

He appealed Muslims to pay Sadaqah al-Fitr before Eid prayers. “It is better to pay Sadqah-al-Fitr within these days so that downtrodden people are able to buy necessary items for celebrating Eid.”

He has urged authorities to put all necessary arrangements in place and distribute sugar on eve of Eid.

“It is very unfortunate that sugar distribution has been stopped by government among consumers. Ahead of Eid, authorities must restore distribution of sugar without any delay,” Amin added.