Friday following Urs | Thousands pay obeisance at Dastgeer Sahib (RA) shrines

Thousands of devotees paid obeisance at Dastgeer Sahib (RA) shrines here on Friday following the annual Urs.

The annual Urs of Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA), popularly known as Peer Dastgeer Sahib (RA), concluded on 27 November, this year.

A large number of devotees thronged the shrines of Dastgeer Sahib (RA) at Khanyar, Asar Shareif Aanchar Soura, and Sarai Bala, here. The devotees followed COVID19 safety guidelines.

The holy relic was displayed to the devotees on each prayer today. Despite bone-chilling cold, thousands of devotees including women and children were seen thronging the shrine to have a glimpse of the holy relic.

All roads and interior roads adjacent to Khanyar shrine were also filled with devotees to offer Friday prayers. The Khanyar market wore a festive look.

The Urs celebrations had started on November 16 across Kashmir.

Javaid Ahmad Shah, administrator of the Khanyar shrine, said that over 25,000 devotees thronged the shrine throughout the day.

Every year, the Urs begins on 1st day of Rabi Al Thani during which special prayers are held every day till 11th day of Rabi Al Thani. The next Friday is observed as Friday following of Urs. Similar observations were held at Asar Shareif Aanchar Soura, and Sarai Bala.

The congregational prayers were also observed at masjid sharief Dastgeer Sahib (RA) at Nowhamam Sopore where thousands of people gathered to have a glimpse of the holy relics of the Sufi Peer.

Authorities had made all necessary arrangements for the convenience of devotees including transportation, sanitation, drinking water, street lights and medical first aid.