Gayoor Art Foundation organizes online photography exhibition

'Vision through Lens' photography competition: Rajesh Talwar adjudged first, Mir Imran second

Gayoor Art Foundation (GAF) is conducting a month-long online photography exhibition here.

“One of the main motives behind this initiative was to celebrate the world photography day. Moreover, we believe that art can be extremely cathartic in times of distress,” said Naushad Gayoor, the curator of GAF, in a statement.

The organization had organized a first-of-its-kind exhibition on similar lines in 2017 in downtown, which received a huge response from local artists, said the statement. This year, the GAF said, the exhibition was shifted to its online platform due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

“We didn’t want the pandemic to become a hurdle in our exhibitions, so we decided to go for an online exhibition this time. No matter what the circumstances are, the show must go on,” Gayoor said.

According to the organizers, around 200 people participated in the exhibition, which included several participants from Turkey, Nepal, Dubai, Egypt and other countries. The exhibition has been categorized into three different sections – Invited, professional and amateur.

“The participants will get their fair share of recognition and a certificate from the organization at the end of the exhibition,” the organizers said.

They said the move will help the art lovers to connect with each other amid pandemic. They said that the exhibition was an opportunity for photographers in Kashmir to have their art exhibited around the world along with some great artists.