Govt sanctions establishment of RSA for capital cities

General Administration Department (GAD) today accorded sanction to the establishment of Responsible Sanitation Authority (RSA) for Srinagar and Jammu cities.

“Sanction is hereby accorded to the nomination of Deputy Commissioner, Jammu as Responsible Sanitation Authority (RSA) for Jammu City and Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar as Responsible Sanitation Authority (RSA) for Srinagar City for ‘Safaimitra Suraksha Challenge’ launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India,” reads the order issued by GAD.

“The members of the Emergency Sanitation Response Units (ESRUs) under the Responsible Sanitation Authorities shall be nominated by Jammu Municipal Corporation and Srinagar Municipal Corporation for their respective cities,” the order states.

It reads that “The ESRUs shall be responsible for providing professional will trained, motivated and appropriately equipped workforce for the maintenance and management of sewers and septic tanks.”

They (ESRUs) will also be responsible for working towards minimising accidents and fatalities caused by entry of workers into sewers and septic tanks without proper Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs), training and non-adherence to security protocols, the order reads.