Govt sits on policy to smoothen traffic flow in Srinagar

Authorities continue to delay implementation of National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) in the summer capital Srinagar to smoothen traffic flow in the city and improve the existing infrastructure.

Experts said implementation of the policy has become a necessity as prolonged traffic jams have become a norm on the city roads.

The experts said the existing infrastructure including the road network was too little to meet the growing traffic. 

According to official data around three lakh floating vehicle hits the roads every day in the city.

The objective of policy is to incorporate urban transportation as an important parameter at the urban planning stage rather than being a consequential requirement to bring about equitable allocation of road space with people, rather than vehicles, as its main focus.

“The implementation of policy will not only make traffic movement smooth but safe as well,” said an official. The policy was earlier framed in 2006 and revised in 2014.

However, he said, the authorities have failed to ensure execution of the policy on the ground even as the government of India has released funds under it.

 “Other objectives of the policy include that public transport should be citywide, safe, seamless, user friendly, reliable and should provide good ambience with well-behaved drivers and conductors,” he said.

The policy also covers addressing concerns of road safety and trauma response, raising finances through innovative mechanisms, establishing institutional mechanisms for enhanced coordination in the planning and management of transport systems and establishing knowledge management system that would serve needs of all urban transport professionals.

The Deputy Commissioner Srinagar ShahidIqbalChoudhary said they have started work to implement the policy.