Haphazard roadside parking of trucks at Batamaloo irks residents

Residents of Bonpora and its adjacent areas at Batamaloo here say haphazard parking of trucks is putting them to inconvenience by causing traffic congestion and trespassing on their houses.

They say goods trucks are parked along either side of the road from Al Barq hospital and Bonpora, leaving little space for regular traffic to flow smoothly.

“Why can’t truckers park at the Batamaloo yard? Parking of these heavy vehicles outside our residences is unsafe for our children as well. The continuous parking of these heavy trucks with huge load is damaging water and telephone lines,” said Munawar Mir, a resident.

The residents complain that authorities have not taken any action after they reported the issue to them.

“We have reached out to concerned authorities and told them this haphazard parking is posing threat to our safety and also damaging water and telephone lines but no action was taken. We fail to understand if the Batamaloo yard is available why can’t they park their vehicles there,” said Riyaz Dar, another resident. 

Seniour Superintendent of Police for traffic in Srinagar city, Tahir Geelani, said the department will make sure that trucks are not parked on roadsides during the daytime.

“They are allowed to park and unload during night but not throughout the day. We will still look into the issue so that public will not have to face any inconvenience,” Geelani told Greater Kashmir.