Harwan residents decry lack of public transport facilities

Residents of Harwan area here are aghast over lack of public transport facilities in the area particularly during evening hours. 

A delegation of residents from Harwan and its adjoining areas said that the lack of transportation has taken a heavy toll on office goers, students and general public. They said in winters they are unable to find a cab after 3 pm even from city centre areas.

“The cab operators due to their own convenience don’t go beyond Shalimar in evening.  This is despite them being the part of Harwan cab service. We are unable to find any cab in chilling winter “, said Bilal Ahmed, a resident from Harwan.

“Harwan residents particularly women and patients are abandoned by the public transport in these winter evening. We even tried to reach out to these operators but nothing has been done,” he added.

The students from Harwan and New Theed said that the issue is affecting their education. The students have to hitchhike in the evening due to lack of transportation.

“Everyone cannot afford a private vehicle. It is responsibility of government to ensure that public transport is available on roads,” said SaimaHameed, a student from New Theed. The locals of the area appealed DC Srinagar and RTO Kashmir to look into the matter.