Illegal constructions on Dr Ali Jan Road

Greater Kashmir

WHETHER it will be 2008, 2010 or any other event like aftermath of floods, people have always indulged in unlawful acts which primarily include illegal constructions, extension of shop spaces and allied. In the City mainly in some specific areas, people are in the process of illegal constructions.
 Steps initiated by SMC previously have proved a hoax. Though a big bang noise about these steps remained in action for a few days subsequently it did not make impressive affect on the working or did not restrain these illegal acts.
 I would like to cite an example that mushroom growth of illegal constructions is going on ruthlessly on SKIMS Hospital Road i.e Dr Ali Jan road. Mainly the area is waterbody but still people resort to construction of  buildings, shops, business establishments and allied without any proper or valid authorization. There is rule in vogue that waterbody can in no case be used for constructions or business purposes but alas in this State nobody cares for the rules. Unfortunate part is that the concerned field functionaries or the officers at the helm of affairs also shut their eyes for the wrong deeds and never bother to restore the laws.
 About 20 kanals of land on the main road side has been fenced with brick wall by some persons in conveyance with each other and presently the said wall is cement coated to hide its newly construction.  The value of the land has been now worth crores when nothing is allowed on the waterbody. Not to speak of asking for valid permission for the constructions, the concerned have not even bothered to ascertain the sensitivity or validity for raising the constructions over the waterbody.

Mushtaq Ahmad