Jamia Masjid to reopen for prayers from tomorrow: AAJ

Anjuman Auqaf, Jamia Masjid (AAJ) on Sunday urged people to take precautions while visiting Masjids and shrines, in view of the spike in COVID19 cases.

In a statement, the Anjuman said amid the spike in the cases, people need to continue to take precautions and strictly adhere to public health regulations and guidelines laid down by the health department.

“A new normal for conducting daily activities is evolving worldwide as lockdown restrictions are easing and services are resuming,” the statement said. “AAJ after consultations and suggestions and observing the precautions being followed by Muslims world over is re-opening the historic Jama Masjid Srinagar for prayers from Tuesday, August 18.”

The statement said the health regulations and SOPs need to be strictly followed by those visiting the mosques.

“AAJ strongly suggests that vulnerable community members including elderly those who are sick and children should pray at home and not come to mosques. Young children should not be brought along to the mosque,” said the statement.

The Anjuman urged the people to follow the COVID19 guidelines and health advisories strictly while visiting the Masjids in view of the pandemic.

“Worshipers should not greet each other by hugging, shaking hands or any other physical contact and should maintain a physical distance at all times,” said the statement. “Worshippers will leave a distance of two meters between them and a space of one row between two rows.”

The statement said the use of fountain for ablution inside the Masjid will not be permitted.

“All worshippers should mandatorily wear masks and bring their own prayer mats and their own copies of holy Quran with them. Ablution should be done at home and worshippers should ensure that they keep a safe distance from others when leaving or entering the Masjid,” said the statement.