JLNM hospital to augment oxygen generation capacity by 1000 LPM : DHSK

Director Health Services, Kashmir (DHSK) Dr Mushtaq Rather today visited JLNM hospital, Rainawari and took stock of an oxygen generation plant.

As per statement of DHSK, the plant is of immense significance for handling Covid emergencies and the concerned mechanical department assured DHSK to make the second phase fully functional soon.

DHSK said that JLNM is the apex Covid hospital of the directorate and the augmentation shall increase the oxygen generation capacity from 300 LPM (LitrePer Minute) to 1300 LPM.

“After the augmented oxygen generation plant we will be able to serve more high risk covid patients where high flow oxygen is indicated. This will lessen down the burden on tertiary care hospitals to a considerable extent.”

Director also visited various sections of the hospitals to ensure the preparedness keeping the covid resurgence into consideration. The hospital is already equipped with an oxygen manifold system for regulating flow of oxygen supplies.

DHSK also visited covid vaccination site at GurdarwaraChattiPadshahiKathiDarwaza, Srinagar along with CMO Srinagar & MS Gousia Hospital. He interacted with the vaccination team from zone khanyar and appreciated their efforts of vaccinating the targeted population. He directed the administrators and vaccination staff to explore all possible means of sensitization and IEC so that no body among the targeted population is dropped.

Later he toured Gousia Hospital wherein he inspected all the health care sections. MS Gousia hospital apprised him about the health care services and the status of vaccination center established in the hospital. DHSK gave on spot directions to MS to further improve upon the gaps which were deliberated upon during the discussion.