Kashmir University celebrates International Yoga Day

University of Kashmir (KU) celebrated the 6th International Day of Yoga (IDY).

A statement said owing to the COVID19 situation, the University observed the Day by organizing various Yoga-related activities online. It said the online session on Yoga was inaugurated by Professor Talat Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, KU.

Several faculty members, administrative staff, technical staff, program officers, coaches, students and research scholars attended the Yoga session, said the statement.

The VC impressed on the participants to make Yoga part of their daily life as it helps develop a sound body and cool mind.

“In the pandemic situations, Yoga has assumed much significance to keep the body fit while staying home, as people are not able to walk around freely,” the VC said.

For celebrating the Day, the statement said, a special online platform was created for students for sharing short videos and pictures on various Asanas. It said the participants also shared articles about the significance and relevance of Yoga in the present age and their personal experiences.

“The University also conducted two online sessions on Yoga for students on June 19 and 20. Yoga teachers, sports coaches and teachers of Directorate of Physical Education of the Valley guided the students in the sessions,” the statement said.

It said a number of students participated in the competition “Perfect Asana” organized by Higher Education Department. The students were exhorted to motivate family members in performing the Yoga, said the statement.

“As part of the celebrations, the University also organized an internal competition for the students wherein students submitted short videos on various Asanas. An online quiz was also conducted reflecting upon various aspects of Yoga,” the statement said.