Katrina's new Bodyguard!

Katrina's new Bodyguard!

Sources said Zaman would get hourly updates about her movements from the escort and decide security measures accordingly.

His duty to care for Katrina Kaif in Kashmir could make her millions of fans jealous. His escorting her to breathtaking locales could equally envy even some star of Bodyguard fame. But this is what Senior Superintendent of Police, Security, MaqsoodUlZaman, and some other officials did till the diva Wednesday flew back to Mumbai concluding her Srinagar date with Fitoor.

Thanks to Durbar move presently in Jammu, the cops could concentrate undisturbed on the Bollywood diva. While Zaman kept six cops at her service round the clock, sources said there was a special escort to take her care during outdoors.

Sources said Zaman would get hourly updates about her movements from the escort and decide security measures accordingly. But then Police’s Security wing was not alone.

Several other security agencies “voluntarily” remained actively busy with Katrina’s Fitoor.

Apart from deployment from concerned Police Stations, the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force deployments and even some Flying Squads were seen busy providing "extra security" cover to the heartthrob while many officials personally attended the shooting sessions for the movie, a Desi version of Charles Dickens The Great Expectations.

It would be a crowd of security personnel manning her shooting venues- walling her from her fans . Highly placed sources said though there were no formal orders for the “3-tier security” comprising hundreds of gun wielding personnel, voluntary presence of deployment from multiple quarters made their presence prominent.

City police chief Amit Kumar however clarified there was no “Z-Plus security as has been hyped”. “Most such arrangements are from Security side while concerned police stations offer other support,” Kumar told Greater Kashmir.

Security analysts attribute the smooth conduct of Fitoor shoot in the City, including Dal interiors, where even official machinery in the past years would avoid venturing into, to improvement in security situation.

Since AG Mir took over Inspector General of Police Kashmir, “peace” has been his “policing mantra” for two years. Though initially criticized, conduct of peaceful Assembly elections in 2014, a first in the past 25 years of armed conflict, has thrown Mir on cloud nine.

While police looks joyous, the film crew was satisfied for “exceptionally smooth shooting”, a development which can woo Bollywood again and again something which observers opine can make flood ravaged Kashmir bounce back as preferred tourist destination. But Katrina fans were upset. On her shooting days, scores of fans would be seen roaming around but kept at bay by police.

Sameer, a Katrina fan into export business had postponed his travel abroad only to see the celebrity. “But  as police didn’t allow me meet her today I am opting for travel in the same flight to Mumbai, by which Katrina is travelling in,” he admitted at the Srinagar International Airport.  At least five prominent persons were seen on Katrina’s backseat.

 As the sizzler flew back for port city, SSP Zaman was personally present at the airport. “We ensured adequate security so that they will have secured feeling and can safely accomplish their professional engagements,” the SSP told Greater Kashmir.