KU's Chemistry department schedules practical classes

Kashmir University, Chemistry Department’s has decided to conduct ‘practical classes’ from November 6, asking the students to be present in person.

Surprisingly, the decision has been taken at a time when the KU hostels are closed owing to pandemic.

“The university has not opened the student hostels. So, it will be difficult for us to travel on daily basis to attend the classes,” a student of 3rd semester said.

It is only the Chemistry Department which has scheduled practical classes in the university. “Other departments which have practical components are closed,” the student said.

Notably, the J&K government has not taken any decision so far over the practical classes in the universities. “The government has asked the universities to open hostels for scholars only. There are no instructions to start practical classes,” a KU official said.

“The university has to follow all SoPs on covid19. We can’t take any risk amid the prevailing situation,” he said.

Registrar KU, Dr. Nisar Ahmad Mir said that the university cannot open hostels for PG students owing to government directions in view of pandemic. “I will look into it as to how and why the Chemistry Department has decided to conduct practical classes for students, when there are no such directions from the government,” he said.