LMD penalises traders

The field executives of Legal Metrology Department Srinagar booked 18 erring traders for violation of Legal Metrology Laws for which a penal sum of Rs 1,66,400/- was realised.

In a statement, MLD spokesperson said in one instance, a  cooking gas dealer was found over-charging on the price fixed by the oil market company.

“In another instance , a departmental store was found offering for sale the imported pre-packaged articles which were found without adequate labeling of price and other mandatory declarations,” it said. 

“The consumers are informed to insist on the cash vouchers while receiving refill cylinders. The rate of refill cooking gas cylinder for the month of January, 2021 in the district Srinagar is Rs 810/- inclusive of subsidy. In case of any complaint, the department may be contacted on toll-free No: 1800-180-7114 during office hours,” it added.