Mayor reviews plan for roll out of COVID vaccination process

Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu today held a meeting to review preparations for launching of COVID vaccination process in Srinagar.

On the occasion Dr Ashiq Rashid from World Health Organization (WHO) gave a power point presentation on COVID vaccination process and plan for Srinagar.

He said a complete strategy has been devised right from rolling out of vaccination to its completion.

The Mayor directed the officials to strictly adhere to the guidelines laid by the WHO, as and when the vaccination to fight COVID pandemic is rolled out.

The official from WHO discussed the step by step approach of vaccination, which will start with medics, para medics ,frontline workers and vulnerable section of the society.

It was further informed that the vaccination booths will be divided into three sections, which will include a waiting room, a vaccination room and an observation room.

Mattu underlined that vaccination of the frontline workers and vulnerable sections will not only decrease mortality significantly but also create a buffer against COVID transmission.