Mutton dealers stage protest, urge authorities to revise rates

Mutton dealers today staged protest against authorities for fixing mutton rates at Rs 480 per kg

Scores of mutton retailers assembled at Press Enclave demanding to re-examine rates of mutton.

Khurshid Ahmad, a mutton dealer said, “as the rate for mutton has been fixed by the concerned authorities, it is not possible for us to sell mutton at Rs 480 per kg.”

“We were selling mutton at Rs 600. We don’t earn profit of even a rupee; instead we have to pay extra money which includes travel and maintenance cost for the animals to enter. Our dependence on outside mandis is quite high and yet the government is not realizing how much the wholesale mandi prices have inflated in the last few years,” he said.

“Besides, the mortality rate of animal brought to Kashmir from outside mandis is quite high. Hence, mutton dealers are at a huge loss” he added.

“The animal and sheep husbandry department has admitted that the production rate is Rs 476. Even in Punjab and Delhi, mutton is sold at Rs 600 per kg in retail. When we told our suppliers about the fixed rate here, some of them refused to sell sheep. As a result, we left empty-handed from there and there is shortage of supply. We have nothing to feed our families during this pandemic,” they said.

“We appeal to the concerned authorities to reconsider mutton rates keeping in view the current situation,” they said.